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Am I Still Using DevaCurl?

I've previously written about my love of DevaCurl Decadence No Poo and One Condition on a few occasions. They kept my hair moisturised like no other, and for that reason I've patronised the business for almost a decade, since I began my natural hair journey. Initially, I used the original No Poo and One Condition, eventually switching over to the Decadence line when it launched. However, the recent claims of extensive hair loss and damage tied to the brand have made me leery of buying it again. DevaCurl has issued statements regarding the safety and further testing of its products. The company has also launched Facts about DevaCurl, a site providing more details on all tests conducted and the results.

Despite that, as a precaution, I've decided to finish what I currently have, and refrain from purchasing any more products from the brand. In the meantime, I'll continue using Olaplex for my cleansing and conditioning routine. It's been a staple in my routine for ove…