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A Long Overdue Hair Update

I was about to write a review for Olaplex and remembered it's been ages since I've actually posted about my hair here! In December, I got  my hair professionally coloured and have had a few highlight sessions since then. The last of which left me with a few slightly looser strands in the front, where my hair has the loosest curl pattern, and right above my ear, where my hair is the finest. The different curl patterns aren't very noticeable, nothing like when I had blond highlights and bone straight sections of chemical damage.

Overall, I love my colour and am happy with the results. View my hair colour journey here in my Instagram highlights, and while you're at it, click follow. I update the Instagram page, more than the blog and Facebook.

Prior to my first few colour sessions, I prepped my hair with Olaplex No. 3 Hair Perfector (available here). This has made such a difference in the overall health of my hair, and preventing extensive damage and breakage from chemic…