Empties: Update #21 - Facial Oils

This post has been sitting in my drafts for months. Every now and then ups and downs of life sap my interest in and energy for blogging. It's a hobby, foremost and an avenue to share some of my interests, namely my natural hair journey. Along the way, I delved into skincare, trying to find what works for me. Here are some empties for facial oils I finished last year. I am currently using Edible Beauty's Snowflower Illuminating Facial Oil and Youth to the People Superberry Hydrate & Glow Facial Oil. More to come on the blog in the following weeks!

Herbivore Botanicals Phoenix Cell Regenerating Facial Oil: This is a lightweight facial oil, good in the morning and evenings. It wears well under makeup. Of the oils I've purchased, this one lasted the longest and is technically the most inexpensive considering the size of the it. The Herbivore Botanical oils are 50ml compared to your normal 30ml. The smell of this oil is more pleasant than most, without any artificial fragrance added. All that said, I can't really pinpoint anything that this oil did for my skin apart from emollient properties. I didn't have an adverse reaction to it either. Not sure I'd repurchase at this point. (available: Sephora)

May Lindstrom The Youth Dew Balancing Facial Serum: This oil felt like an extra special treat every single time I used it. I got it in a set from Cult Beauty. I'm not sure if it was a gift with purchase or one of the beauty boxes. The cost alone would prevent me from repurchasing this...but it is genuinely such a treat. I preferred using it at night since it's a bit thicker/richer. (available: Space NK)

Siam Seas Beauty Balm: This balm though...amazeballs. I love it. From the aroma to the texture to the ingredients...everything about this is a yes for me. I have maybe 15 uses left in my current jar. I am deviating temporarily to try try another brand, but I see a repurchase in the future. I use this in the morning and evening. I can wear it under makeup without any problems. (available: Alyaka)

Siam Seas Twilight Becalm Face Serum: This is a truly innovative serum. I have yet to come across anything remotely similar. It's moisturising, soothing, and helps with hyperpigmentation. In some ways, I'd say both the Siam Seas products help with breakouts, because they're so reliably good, I can put it on without worrying it'll make the breakouts worse. This is much lighter than the balm. The product is in two phases: the aloe gel and the oils. So you have to shake it before applying. It only lasted me about 3 months, and I usually get about 6 months out of products this size. That's my only complaint. Perhaps, I was too heavy handed. It's definitely worth a try if you like hyaluronic acid serums or something like Glow Recipe's Watermelon Juice. Think those but with a boost of nourishing oils. (available: Alyaka)

Sunday Riley Artemis: This oil is discontinued so I won't spend time on it. It was good while it lasted and it's unfortunate that SR got rid of it. I used this nightly mixed with a moisturiser as my last step. If you're interested in the SR oils, Juno is still available and I love that one. (available: Sephora)

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