Review: Lancome Juicy Shakers Lemon Explosion

Remember that episode of Living Single, where Khadijah's boyfriend returned and Max imitated him: "Baby, I'm back...again!"

Well here I am after another hiatus, but this time with a makeup review. Something new for the blog. I've been shifting through my makeup lately. After a frustrating incident with eyeshadow application and deciding my brushes were to scratchy, I've sifted through my stash and gotten some new items.

Lancome Juicy Shakers (£19.50/$22.00) are relatively new. They started with the glossy ones and have now introduced matte colors. I haven't tried those, and I'm not exactly certain how they're juicy yet matte.

I swatched these in store and was intrigued by the oil content, assuming it was going to be nourishing for my lips, especially after liquid lipsticks when my lips can be quite dry. After a few days of continued use, I'm comfortable enough saying this was a disappointing purchase. The applicator is a sensation to get used to when applying. It's more of a thick, hairy sponge. Because of the packaging and minuscule holes between the applicator and "juice", you end up with barely any product on the brush. Although, I have noticed, if I don't have the bottle standing straight up, product pools in the mid-section.

Lemon Explosion is completely sheer with a pink tint and shimmer. The glitter doesn't show on my lips though. It really looks as though I'm wearing nothing. Also, it has a very sweet smell and taste that be be a bit cloying. I'm not the most sensitive when it comes to fragrances, but this was a bit strong even for me.

Performance-wise, I wasn't impressed. I tend to apply a MAC lip gloss heavily overnight to prep my lips for the next day and then do a scrub in the morning. Sounds strange, but it works. I also use the Dior Addict Lip Maximizer and Lip Glow products on days when I'm not wearing lipstick. With the juicy shakers, I found myself having to reapply every few minutes, literally. Every 5 minutes, I'm at my desk reapplying! My lips didn't feel better or moisturised in any way. I think my lips would have felt better with nothing on them.

I try to put something positive in every review so, on the plus side, it's not sticky at all. The Shakers come in a wide range of colors. I used this alone for about 4 days straight. As soon as I stopped using it and went back to my Dior Lip Glow and Lip Maximizer combo, my lips improved. I actually think the Juicy Shakers made the condition of my lips worse, drying them out.

Would I repurchase?
No, this is one purchase I regret, and don't think I will use it again unless placed on top of a balm, but I'm not even sure I'd try that.
Below is how I'd rate the product in the following categories:


Price: 3/5
Packaging: 1/5
Fragrance: 2/5
Performance: 1/5
Customer service: NA

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