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Skincare Routine

***Note: This post was written in December 2016. An updated routine will be posted in the coming months.***

New phone, who this? Long time, no post! I know.

Quick update, I've been travelling and moved flats. In that time, I kept my hair in Senegalese twists, but I'm giving my hair a break for now. While moving, I threw out a huge bag of empties that I had been saving to review, but I couldn't stand taking extra clutter to my new flat.

I have a tendency to disappear and post new products on a whim, so in keeping with tradition, here's a skin care routine I'm trying out since these are products I still have on hand. Last year, I had a bad reaction to YSL Touche Eclat Foundation. My face broke out so badly, I felt like I was a teenager all over. It was...bad. I realised it was the foundation and immediately stopped using it and my face began to clear up. Then I tried Sunday Riley Flora...and the headache began again. Suffice to say, Flora is not for me.

After reading…