Why the Hiatus...Again?

This keeps happening lately, huh? Well, this year has been an interesting experience to say the least. I've accomplished more than I than I thought I would and lost more than I could have imagined. Kinks of Nature has undoubtedly been reflective of my highs and lows throughout the year. There were times I just lose the motivation, and interest, in blogging.

For 2016, I am going to make Kinks of Nature more than a natural hair blog. That way, even when I've lost interest in my hair, there'll still be tidbits I can post. That was my intention when I initially started the blog. It's not just hair, it's kinks of nature! All of my little quirks and idiosyncrasies in one place.

I'm hoping I can stick to this, and update the blog more regularly in the new year. However, if I'm able to accomplish some of my other goals, my time will be even more limited. My IG and Facebook pages are usually the most up-to-date. My YouTube, I only use for sharing videos I liked and/or may be helpful to others. Pinterest, I need to get back on that. 

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Happy holidays, everyone.

Kinks ;-)


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