Why I'm Not Feeling Eco Styler Anymore

I think nearly every natural tries Eco Styler at some point for a wash and go. It was one of the first gels I used. It's cheap and easily accessible on the ground. You can get a 5lb tub for less than $10! I've tried Olive, Krystal, Pink, Blue, Yellow, and Argan. They work well and give lasting definition for days on end. So why am I not feeling Eco Styler anymore?

Unlike other gels with a slippery-mucus consistency, Eco Styler has no slip. If you apply it and happen to find a tangle, the gel does not make it any easier to remove the tangle. In fact, for me, it makes it more difficult. Some people suggest adding water to Eco Styler while applying to get additional, but that doesn't really work for me. another thing I've noticed is that even if I don't have tangles, the gel creates tangles...probably due to the lack of slip.

The gel acts somewhat like a glue; if I do my hair in four sections...it's going to look like four big sections once dry. I have to do a rinse after applying the gel and some serious shaking to get my hair separated. I don't have this issue with slippery, mucus-like gels. I can easily shingle with those and get my hair to separate without giving myself a headache from all the shaking.

Another thing I can't stand, they leave my hair feeling crispy! I can literally hear the crunch in my hair. Who wants that!? My hair feels and looks dry. I did an oil rinse and used a leave-in, but still, crispy crispy crispy!

I'm just not feeling Eco Styler, anymore. Even though WetLine Xtreme is similar to Eco Styler in terms of consistency, I prefer the WetLine gel because it actually gives me some elongation. I can take the lack of slip and extra work of applying WetLine since it has an added benefit that the slippery gels do not give. It's truly the only gel that has ever given me hang-time. However, I can't even get WetLine in the UK and finished mine nearly a year ago. For now, I think I will stick to the slippery gels. They're less of a hassle for me, and my hair clearly prefers them.

The only gel I have at the moment that I love: Kinky-Curly Curling Custard. I know, I know. I said it was too expensive to repurchase, but...it works! I also don't have as many options as when I lived in the States or even The Bahamas. I have a few others that I'm trying or going to try: Curls Blueberry Bliss Control Jelly (not impressed), Curl Junkie Pattern Pusha (flakes for days), Sweet Soul Magic Curl Stimulator and Moptop Curly Hair Custard (waiting on these to arrive; got them during Hattache's sale). I've heard good things about Sweet Soul Magic. The company was founded by Uncle Funky's Daughter original owner. She's behind the Curly Magic formula that I loved so much. I'm really hoping this one will be a hit for me as well. Of course, I'll do a review once I've tried it.

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