Salon Hunting

Lately, I've been bored with my hair and not giving it the most attention. I'm not even sure when I last deep conditioned; rinse-outs have become my closest ally. I managed to get my remaining bottles of Tigi Moisture Maniac from Nassau when I last visited, and this makes my hair feel like a cloud dropped from the sky, even if applied for just a couple minutes.

My ends though have suffered. I have split ends and mid-strand splits up to 2 inches from the ends. I also still have damage from a visit long ago to a salon that "specialised" in natural hair, or so they claimed. Long story short, I went in for a trim and came out with a migraine and breakage from her yanking out my hair. I am very weary of stylists, and have yet to have a good experience since leaving DC and my favourite stylist Vonetta Dumas, well technically she's the only one I've liked or even trusted. I never had to worry about what my hair was going to look like at the end of a visit. She's the main reason I'm even natural.

I am now searching for a salon in London where I can get a professional cut and style without worrying about damage. I found a list of 15 salons in London that are recommended for naturalistas. Aveda Institute was one of the few, and I've booked an appointment for this weekend with Subrina. I've seen a few good reviews for the salon and her online so I'm hoping this will be better than my last salon visit.

I'll update the blog, with a review after my visit.

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