Review: Aveda Lifestyle Salon & Spa (Covent Garden, London)


Salon Review
: On Saturday, I went to Aveda Lifestyle Salon & Spa for a cut with Subrina. Probably, the first thing I'd point out was that it was extremely hard to get in contact with anyone there to make the appointment. I called the listed number for 3 days and never got anyone on the phone. I ended up calling the retail store, and a manager there arranged for me to get a call back from the salon. I also got in contact with them via email, and that is how my appointment was eventually arranged.

Over, the phone the call centre advisor suggested I book with Subrina as she has experience with natural hair. I looked up some reviews before confirming my booking, but there weren't many. I only saw 3 perhaps, but they were all good.

The salon itself is beautiful and although large, it isn't excessively loud. While I was getting my hair done, I was able to order from the menu for Le Pain Quotidien. I only ordered breakfast, but it was really good.

Stylist Review: When I arrived, someone took my coat and Subrina led me to the back. She asked about my usual routine and products, what I wanted to get out of the cut, and my past salon visits. After that, she began the process of doing my hair. I was booked for a 2-hour appointment, but it ended up being 2.5 hours.

Subrina first did a detoxifying shampoo along with a scalp massage. She detangled my hair with a paddle brush before doing another shampoo and condition. I was falling asleep the entire time; the chairs are so comfortable, and the scalp massage was amazing. I'm not sure of the name of all the products used during the wash process, but she did mention an oil-based product for the first cleanse, which I think may have been from the Invati line. The other products were from the Dry Remedy line.

To prep my style, Subrina used Smooth Infusion Style Prep Smoother then blew out my hair in sections. Afterwards she applied Dry Remedy Daily Moisturising Oil before cutting my hair. Before she did the cut, she showed me where she thought would be best to cut and asked if I'd be ok with it. My main goal is healthy hair so I wasn't bothered by how much she took off. It was about 3-5 inches. Afterwards, I could actually get my fingers through my hair without there being tangles in the ends.

Prior to straightening, Subrina applied Brilliant Universal Styling Creme. She went over each section with 1-2 passes of the flat iron. My hair feels very light and not greasy at all.

I feel as though I've gotten what I wanted from the cut. My ends feel much better, and there is less tangling. I can't wait to see what my wash and go will look like and whether there is any heat damage.

Subrina was extremely thorough, listened to what I wanted and took her time to make sure I was comfortable. She detangled my hair without inflicting pain, which is a rarity in my experience. I always get a headache whenever a stylist detangles my hair, but not this time.

Would I go back?
Yes. It is a pricey salon, but it was worth it.

Pictures of my cut will be posted on the Instagram page this week.

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