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Use up the Stash: Update #8 (Mini Reviews Included)

After that extended and unexpected hiatus, I thought I'd throw out an update with a few mini reviews. Here are the products I've finished in the past few months.

Crece Pelo Natural Phitoterapeutic Treatment:
This is a good deep conditioner, but last year I realised there are two different formulations available. I prefer the one without cones. I haven't seen this in the UK, so I doubt I'll be repurchasing anytime soon.

Curls Coconut Sublime:
I didn't like this conditioner; it did nothing for my hair. Not enough moisture and not enough slip. These are two of the main properties I look for in conditioners and it didn't do either for me. Definitely not a repurchase.

Dirty Works Supreme Cream Body Butter:
This is a UK-based brand. To me, it seems like they're fashioned after Soap & Glory. This product is reminiscent of Soap & glory's Righteous Body Butter. The consistency and fragrances are very similar for both products. I've gone through 2 j…