Kinks of Nature Flax Seed Gel Recipe

My recipe for flax seed gel is simple and quick. This is one of my HG gels, and I've been using the same recipe since my first batch.

1/4 cup of whole flax seeds (also known as linseeds)
2 cups of water
2 tbsp of honey*
2 tbsp of oil (any oil or mix of oils)*
10 drops of essential oils (any mix of essential oils)*

* indicates optional ingredients

Bring the water to a boil, and add the flax seeds. Stir continuously and make sure the seeds do not stick to the pot. The water will become thicker as the seeds secrete a gel-like substance. The longer the seeds are immersed, the thicker the gel will be. After 10-12 minutes, strain the mixture. Add honey, oils, and essential oils to the strained gel and stir well. Refrigerate when not in use.

This recipe will make about 8 ounces of gel. I put mine in an empty pump bottle. This is the easiest and least messy way of using and applying flax seed gel. I've tried putting it in jars, but more would wind up on my floors than on my hair. The pump bottle allows me to dispense only what I need.

I only make 8 ounces at a time as this mixture will go bad in about 2 weeks. You'll notice if it goes bad because the scent will be change dramatically. Also, there will be several air bubbles in the gel, and it will expand in the container. There are no air bubbles when the gel is good.

I will update this post with pictures when I make my next batch. Picture of my wash and go with flax seed gel are on the Kinks of Nature Instagram page.

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Kinks ;-)


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