Rant: Being Followed in a Beauty Supply Store

This week I went to a beauty supply store in Finsbury Park, near the station and past the car wash. If you live in London, yea, you know the one. I was hesitant to write this post, but it just bothered me so much, and I left that store feeling completely disgusted. I initially went there when I first moved to London, but was unimpressed with their service and product knowledge, not to mention downright rude and unprofessional behavior. I stopped going there and found another and better store in South London, which has a better and more diverse selection of natural products.

The last time I was in the store previously, I overheard the employees directing a customer on how to color her hair. He told her to first use a 40 volume developer with bleach powder and then add a BOX dye. On previously colored hair? Now would you like her hair to fall out instantly or break off slowly? Really! For anyone that colors hair, you know how terrible these directions were.

Nevertheless, I wound up in the store in Finsbury Park this week because it was closer and I had the time. It'd been a while, and I was curious to see if they had anything new. I got there and there were so many employees gathered in one aisle that customers could barely get to the products on the shelves. Now pardon me, but I don't know how you expect to sell products when your customers can't even see them. There was another set of employees chasing each other! Literally running through the aisles.

Once it finally quieted down and they dispersed, I got to view some of the products. Now I take my time when looking at products because I read the ingredients and product descriptions. If this made me look questionable to them, whatever! Next thing I know, an employee comes and stands behind me and very loudly says to the second employee in front of me, "Call your friend so she can watch her." The entire time he is pointing at me so there is no mistaking whom he is talking about. The second employee then calls a third one in another language (which is why I presume he couldn't call her himself), who then proceeds to follow me. I was in disbelief at first and decided to switch aisles because this can't be real. Everywhere I went there she was, watching my every move. I just left.

It was absolutely absurd. I couldn't believe it. There were other customers in the store, but I, the black customer, needed someone to follow me? Oh really!? To call me out like that, as though I had done something? It was humiliating. I have been in stores before where the employees will do a walk through when there is limited surveillance equipment, but never have I been called out nor required a personal escort! Now, in looking through this store's online reviews, I see customers detailing similar experiences. It's ridiculous.

I will never return to that store nor will I ever patronize any of their businesses. For those that know which store I am talking about, there are 3 along that street and they also own the one further up the street that is under a different name.

I have chosen to not name them as they deserve no publicity whatsoever, and I want their name in no way shape or form to ever be on my page.

Rant over. SMH.

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Kinks ;-)


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