Viviscal - The "Before" Length Check

A couple days ago I started taking Viviscal Maximum Strength Supplements, which are essentially a multi-vitamin inclusive of Viviscal's trademarked marine protein complex, AminoMar C.

At the time I wasn't able to do photos for my length check, but I did get my hands on a tape measure and record the following. I'll try to do a length check photo this week and upload it to the Kinks of Nature Instagram page and report back in a month with my thoughts and 1-month results.

Length Check (Day 1: April 12, 2014)

Front: 11in
Above the ear: 13in
Back: 12in

Front: 13in
Middle: 13in
Back: 12in

Front: 11in
Above the ear: 13in
Back: 12in

Note: All measurements were taken on a dry wash and go. Each measurement is for where the bulk of the hair landed. For each section though, the longest strands were approximately an inch longer.

I think my last self-trim helped to even out the layers in my hair. I'll be doing another trim the next time I straighten, but will aim to remove only that inch or less of ends that are thin.

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Kinks ;-)


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