Updated Wash & Go Routine - March 2014

My previous routine has changed slightly! Here's a quick rundown of what I do. Photos can be found on the Kinks of Nature Instagram page (Instagram.com/KinksOfNature).

  1. Shampoo or co-wash 
  2. Deep condition (2-6 sections) 
  3. Detangle while rinsing (using my fingers or a wide tooth comb) 
  4. Oil rinse 
  5. (Optional step) Apply a rinse-out and detangle (if I haven't already done so) while rinsing 
  6. Apply leave-in 
  7. Apply styler, scrunch, and shake shake shake! (I apply my styler in sections and add more water as needed during this step.) 
  8. Pin hair down with duck-bill clips for stretch 
  9. Air dry or diffuse 
  10. Remove clips and fluff! 

I am now applying stylers to soaking wet hair. By doing this I get better definition, and more slip while applying my styler. The scrunching helps to define the curls, while the shaking helps to separate the clumped sections. The pins also help with the shrinkage and preserving the style; they're relatively comfortable to sleep with so I can let my hair dry overnight without worrying about messing up my style.

I preserve my wash and go's by moisturizing and sealing every morning and night. The first night I will pull the front half of my hair into a low ponytail for additional stretch. The following nights, I pull it all back into a low, loose puff using a headband. In the morning, I remove the band, shake my hair out, and fluff while lightly moisturizing and sealing. When sections get too frizzy, which is usually towards the end of the week, I just section off those strands and reapply gel after moisturizing and sealing. Depending on where the section is, I'll either pin my hair down until it's dry, or do my regular ponytail that I do on the first night and go through my regular routine in the morning.

That's it! Somewhat the same but just a little bit different.

Find what works for you. It might take a while to do so, but the end results are worth it. As my hair grows, I've had to adjust my styling process accordingly. My entire first year of being natural, I never did a wash and go. They didn't work for me because I had too much heat and chemical damage. Now, wash and go's are my main style.

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Kinks ;-)


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