Heat Damage? (Flat Iron Update)

My hair post-straightening (excuse the color stained nails). 

This is just a quick update on my flat ironing experience. My hair reverted with no straight pieces. The hair directly above my ears seemed slightly limp/looser. That's my finest section of hair so I should have used a lower heat setting there. Next time, I'll know better. Thankfully, it's extremely small sections on both sides, and I had to really search to find them.

I did a wash-and-go a week after straightening. The sections that are looser aren't visible. They still blend with my pattern. I'm just glad none of my hair is permanently straight.

Post-straightening, I did an ApHogee protein treatment on the sections that were loosened, which has helped. I'm using conditioners and deep conditioners with protein and focusing on protecting my ends and making sure I moisturize and seal regularly. After all, what's the point of a trim, if you're not going to take care of your ends?

Sedu Tools 

Will I straighten again? Definitely! I like the versatility of natural hair and am less afraid of heat damage now. Even though I used a permanent color last year (view here), this is the least amount of damage I have ever experienced using heat tools. Even when my hair was color- and relaxer-free, I still ended up with random straight pieces all over. I think the process and tools are the main reason my hair bounced back. I will review the Sedu tools and a few of the products in upcoming posts. Additional pictures will be posted on the Kinks of Nature Instagram page.

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