Where am I?

I never make personal post on Kinks of Nature, but this is certainly an exception and hopefully a motivation for others.

I am now in London! It was a long and hard road getting here, but I'm finally doing it. Two years ago I said I would do it, and now I'm here. On Monday, I'll be beginning my postgraduate education at one of the best universities. I'm extremely thankful for the opportunity and ready to embark on this journey.

Last year after not having adequate funding, I deferred all of my acceptances and even reapplied to a few schools, one of which I am now attending. In all honesty, I didn't have my hopes or any expectations for this year. Last year was too much of a blow!

A couple months ago, literally 20 minutes before my loan appointment to attend another university, I received an email informing me that I had received a full scholarship for a different university, the one I am now officially attending! That moment of joy...words cannot describe.

There were several moments I wanted to give up on my goals and just settle for the status quo. In those moments, I'd remember my undergraduate commencement and these few words: Be too stupid to quit. Out of context it seems absurd, but I assure you it was shrouded by success stories and the many famed names that were indeed once thought of as stupid. It is this succinct phrase that often motivates me to keep pushing.

Just something I thought I'd share...



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