You Cannot Touch ME

Recently, there was an exhibit in New York City's Union Square entitled "You Can Touch My Hair," which sparked much debate among naturals and non-naturals alike. For two hours, three women, each with different hair textures and styles, stood holding placards with an open invitation reading "You can touch my hair." Read about the exhibit on this link.

I won't comment on the exhibit itself, just my standpoint on the topic: I wouldn't feel comfortable with a stranger touching my body. So I certainly wouldn't feel comfortable with them in my hair. That's just too close. Give me space please. Two feet minimum, arms length preferable! That does not make me an emotional, militant, angry, and whatever-other-negatively-connotated-adjective-people-want-to-throw-in black person. I just like for my personal space to remain just that, personal.

Feel free to post your comments on the topic below.

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