Swatches: MAC Ronnie Red and Comparisons

I got a little swatch crazy after finally getting my hands on Ronnie Red from the MAC Archie's Girls collection. It was the one item I wanted from the collection, and I managed to get it. At first, it didn't look like anything special to me, but then my sister convinced me to give it a second look. After checking out some swatches on Instagram from @lolakinkz and @beautybylee, I was convinced I had to see it in person. Thankfully, collections come out in The Bahamas at least a month later so even though it was sold out in the States and online, I was still able to get it. 

These were the colors I thought would be most similar, but none of them are really a true match. Loving this color. All of the ones swatched also happen to be my favorite MAC reds.
I have other reds, but none of them compared. They might make an appearance in another post one day though.

Now if only I could have gotten MAC Heroine. SMH. I hear it's being re-promoted this year though. That one I think I will have to order online. Forget this month-long wait! Ain't nobody got time for that!

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