Occasional Annoyances

I am so annoyed with my hair and doing it! Why are wash days so long? Yes, "day" is the accurate term for me. Why are none of my wash and go combos working? Why are none of my styles done on wet hair working? Why must it take forever and a day to dry? Why must the strands form knots on themselves...right after a trim?

I am so annoyed with products and companies! Why make conditioners without slip? Why sell poorly formulated products? Why sell products that aren't properly preserved? Why send out products that aren't full? Why insult customers? Why not take a business class...or two?

I am so annoyed with people and their opinions! Why don't you straighten or relax your hair? Why not dye it a darker color? Why not get a weave? Why don't you use shampoo...or a comb? Well when my hair begins to grow out of your head, then we can do all of the above.

Ugh...just saying. This occasionally crosses my mind. It's unfortunate the days when all three annoyances are prevalent.

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Kinks ;-)


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