My Wash & Go Routine

It has taken a lot of experimentation to find a wash and go routine that works best for me. Watching videos on Youtube and reading blogs were a good start, but I had to learn what worked best for my hair. Here are some of the tips and tricks I've learned work for my hair:

  • Detangle: I originally hated wash and go's because they were a nightmare for me to detangle, but with this tool (click the link) and generously applied conditioner, I am able to detangle with ease and in 4 or 6 sections. I keep my hair in these same sections when applying the stylers. 
  • Apply product on soaking wet hair: I have tried and tried to get the same results using a spray bottle, but fact is, I get better results while in the shower. My hair is more defined and the natural pattern is more visible. 
  • Squeeze out excess product: I smooth my hands down each section not only to help with definition, but to also remove any excess product. This helps reduce likelihood of having white residue. 
  • Cold water rinse: I do a cold water rinse after applying all of my products. This again helps to remove excess product and reduce chances of white residue. 
  • Scrunch with gel: After my cold water rinse, I add a little bit of gel to my hands and scrunch my hair upwards while holding my head in different directions. It helps me define my natural pattern and the gel gives extra hold. 
  • Shake like mad: Before and after the cold water rinse, I shake my head like mad. Side to side and front to back. It helps with forming the clumps and also separating overly clumped strands. 
  • Plop: I plop with a microfiber towel for less than a minute simply to remove the excess water. It cuts down my drying time, and no product-laden drippage on my shoulders and back! 
  • Use pins or clips while drying: I use hair pins or clips to direct my hair while drying. Once my hair is dry, it will be set in whichever direction I pin it. 
  • Preserve the look: I moisturize and seal at night, and then sleep with my satin bonnet. In the morning, I spritz my hair, then fluff it out in the shower with wet hands. Shake like mad again, and I am good to go. 
That's it! Nine things I do to ensure the best wash and go for my hair. It may seem like a lot of steps, but the actual process takes me less than 20 minutes, minus the detangling, of course, which is another 20 minutes, but I don't do it each time. What works for me might not work for others. Experiment and find what works best for YOUR hair!

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