Update: July 2012

I am still doing wash and go's as my regular style. This week I used my old rinse color Adore Bordeaux. I mixed it with Spiral Solutions Deeply Decadent Moisturizing Treatment, but even so, it still felt like an intense protein treatment. I love the color and effect; it's not intense, but is visible in the light. A nice wine color. It would be more intense if I lightened my hair first, but I'm afraid of damage so that likely won't be happening. I've used this color since last year, but had switched to Manic Panic. I'm trying to finish my last bottle of the Bordeaux, then I'll probably solely use Manic Panic for my semi-permanent color sessions. I prefer Manic Panic because it is a cream and not liquid like most other brands. I don't have to mix it with anything to prevent an excessive mess.

Just a random little update for now.

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Kinks ;-)


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