Respect and Appreciate Your Customers!

In my reviews, I include a rating category for customer service. It is essential to one's experience with a company. Good customer service builds trusts with consumers and can build a repeat client base. Bad customer service can deter consumers from ever shopping with that vendor again, no matter how good the product may be.

I've had experiences with both extremes and some companies that are in the middle. One company, the products had separated prior to delivery, and then they molded within less than a month. Mind you, I mean all of the products including the replacements! When I contacted the owner, she said it couldn't have molded because no one else had had that problem and that all of the products had preservatives. Blatant lie as there were several complaints across forums and Youtube, and she herself had sent me a prior message telling me there weren't any preservatives in what I had received...maybe she had forgotten (side eye). Will I ever purchase from them again? No!

Conversely, I have had great experiences. I had sent an owner a message asking her about the consistency of a product noting that it differed from what I had seen in reviews. She responded relatively quickly, informed me that it should look like what was shown in reviews, and offered to send me a new one. I have purchased from this company several times and will continue to do so. Not to mention the products are AMAZING!

Then, there are those companies whose customer service seems to be completely nonexistent. No communication whatsoever.

The willingness to resolve an issue instead of being on the offensive or blaming the customer is crucial, and I think at times companies forget this. They forget the importance of being communicative and forthcoming their customers.

Bottom line (well there are several):
  • Disclose the full ingredients list! Seriously, what if a person is allergic to one of the ingredients!? There are too many companies that don't list ingredients on the sites or packaging. 
  • Stop listing items for sale that aren't in stock. Notify customers when an item isn't available. Don't take their money for an item they won't receive. 
  • Stop blaming customers for products molding. Perhaps consider formulating them better if it's such a common issue. 
  • If shipping is going to take longer than noted in the FAQs, notify customers! 
  • Let customers know when their products are actually being shipped, not when you are just printing labels and planning to ship days later. 
  • Communicate! In a professional manner. 
  • Last, but certainly not least, please owners , do not argue online with customers or potential customers and certainly don't have a "friend" of the company do so. I've seen owners attempt to threaten several people on hair forums with legal action because they bought the "knock-off" version. I've seen owners post customers personal information on public forums. I've seen arguments initiated by owners with vloggers and bloggers for giving an unfavorable review. I mean come on! This is ridiculous. 
Have some business sense please. That's all I'm saying.

Respect and appreciate your customers. What are you without them???

Off my soap box...

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