An Inexpensive Alternative to Seamless Combs

Diane #148 Steel Fan Pic 

While applying my overnight deep conditioner, I had an extreme bout of laziness. Instead of reaching a 16 inches to my right for the wide-tooth detangling comb, I chose to reach 2 inches directly in front of me for my afro pic. I didn't know if it would work or not and was too tired to care. Thankfully it did!

I hadn't detangled in a week and some of my twists (even though they were loose) were still wound very tightly, but I was able to detangle with relative ease using the Diane #148 Steel Fan Pic in conjunction with Darcy's Botanicals Pumpkin Seed Conditioner. It wasn't until I was halfway through detangling did I realize that the pic is seamless with the exception of the base. However, the teeth are so long that my hair didn't really touch the base. It glided through my hair with an ease that my detangling combs don't match. Also, the points of the teeth, which are tapered, yet dull, allow for easy access to my roots.

I'm glad my laziness prompted me to try this. It was definitely an inexpensive find; I probably purchased mine for $2 or less (it was a long time ago). Diane #148 Steel Fan Pic can be purchased in beauty supply stores and from online retailers.

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