Changing My HG List (Gels)

Each week, I've been experimenting with a different gel, using different leave-ins and techniques with each to style. I recorded my results in my hair journal (very handy) and tried to take pictures and note which products were used. One problem I had was forgetting to edit the photo information and add which products were used, but I was able to figure out which gel was used even if I didn't know the other products.

I did this for the entire month of May and am still currently doing so. So far I have tested 3 gels (about 4 uses each): Curl Junkie Pattern Pusha, Donna Marie Miracurl Curling Gelly, and Eco Styler Pink, which I used for 2 weeks. I'm currently trying out Garnier Fructis Style Pure Clean Styling Gel, which I like so far. I'll do a full review of each gel once I have my final thoughts together.

So far I'm a bit surprised by the results, the gel I thought was my HG is at the bottom of my list performance-wise. Even my problematic Pattern Pusha that can flake for days if not careful has been performing better. Eco Styler Pink is at the TOP of the list. I am in love with Eco Pink; I had to remind myself that I had other gels to test because I was using it way too often. Eco Pink will be the only gel on my list for right now. The others, I have to work with them a bit, but then again, if I have to work with them that much, then maybe they're just not HG material.

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