Update: BASK YAM Nectar Intense Hair Nourisher

As I mentioned in the previous post, I contacted the owner about the change in consistency of the YAM Nectar Intense Hair Nourisher. The following is her response:

Thanks so much for your blog review of the products!  The YAM Nectar formula is definitely the same.  But, we are now using a commercial immersion blender in order to make larger batches & the shearing action is generating a softer consistency.  Right now, I'm in the process of looking for an alternate container because I do realize the low-profile jar may not fit with the looser texture.  I got a few suggestions from customers on Facebook as to what kind of container they think would work for the YAM - so I may repost to get more feedback on what we could possibly use!

Maybe a jar with a pump would be a good container. Kind of like the container used for Jane Carter's Curl Defining Cream. The jars with pumps tend to have sturdier pumps than the bottles. I'd worry about clogging with a bottle. 

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Kinks ;-)


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