No More Flat Ironing!

Clearly, straightening just is not for me. Yep, more heat damage. Not much, but it was definitely there. I cut the straggly ends, but it isn't noticeable. My wash & go still looks the same. The worst of the damage is near my edges. A small section of hair, probably three or four thin clumps of curls, is now straight very near to the roots. It's about an inch of straight hair, then curl. The good thing is that the section is so small that it blends easily. Regardless, I won't be straightening again. No more avoidable setbacks.

Another con: my hair feels so dry! I'm going back to strict CG until my hair feels normal. I spray/mist it frequently throughout the day with water or a mix of water and conditioner or leave-in. At night, I moisturize and seal, and apply my Hairveda Almond Glaze mixed with Jamaican black castor oil to my edges.

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