A Natural's Living Nightmare

I know most naturals complain of dreams involving relaxers and losing their lovely kinks of nature. I've had them also, but here's a living nightmare: having half-fro, a matted tangled dry fro at that, and half-chunky twists then having to go out. Shame! My hair was a complete mess, which I'll explain in an upcoming post. There wasn't anything I could do within twenty minutes, and I wasn't about to undo the hard work I'd put into detangling. I had to cover my hair, but a loose fro doesn't fit very well under most hats. Even after I managed to tie my hair down with a silk dark and put a beanie over it, it still poofed up. It looked like I had locks underneath. I'm just thankful today wasn't as hot as it normally is.

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Kinks ;-)


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