The Best Wash & Go Combo I've Had...Yet

So far this is the best wash & go combo I have had yet and the first one to give me multi-day hair. My hair was hard the first day, but the second...OH MY! The softest juiciest curls ever! No crunch, none! Defined from root to tip. When does that ever happen!?

Rinse: warm water (massage scalp)

Co-wash: Desert Essence Coconut Conditioner (finger detangle, smooth, twirl and pin section)

Rinse: warm water (all sections while still pinned)

Leave-in: Darcy's Botanicals Sweet Cocoa Bean Curl Smoothing Cream (smooth through each section)

Leave-in 2: BASK YAM Nectar Intense Honey Hair Nourisher (smooth through each section)

Styler: Donna Marie Miracurl Curling Gelly

I am so pissed that I have no pictures of this. :( and I used the LAST of my BASK YAM to complete the style. I have been trying to figure out with product gave me the definiton/hold by doing wash & go's and swapping out products in each step. I tried to replace BASK YAM with Qhemet Biologics Olive & Honey Hydrating Balm and Miracurl with Curl Junkie Pattern It wasn't bad, but my hair was nowhere near as defined as the original combo and my hair lasted one day.

I know the Miracurl played a major role in it because when I tried it again (today) with a different set of products, I still had great definition, but I'm not sure if it'll last as long or if my hair will be soft tomorrow.

I'm thinking the BASK YAM added weight to my hair and aided the gel to give such an intense defined look. The high content of humectants probably was the reason my hair was so soft and moisturized on the second day. (I live in an area with high dew points.)

I so hope I can get this look again.

On the positive side, at least now I know I prefer Donna Marie Miracurl Curling Gelly over Curl Junkie Pattern Pusha, which sort of gives me the same look as Eco Styler Pink. Eco Styler is significantly cheaper so I don't think I'd purchase Pattern Pusha again. It smells nice though. I'll keep working with it to see if I can find a combo to achieve my preferred look.

With that tiny review, until next time...

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Kinks ;-)

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  1. The cocoa bean cream didn't work for me. I soild it on Naturally Curly. I ordered two bottles of it cause I was so excited! Sad face :(

  2. Aw I'm sorry, but I'm glad you were able to sell and at least recomp some of your money.


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