Hair Journal: 13 March 2012

My hair yesterday was a complete mess so I slapped on exorbitant amounts of Ampro Clear Ice to smooth the sides and pull it back. I knew I'd have to remedy the bricks that had formed on the sides of my head. Yes, my hair was that hard! Last night, I sprayed the sides with African Pride Braid Sheen Spray to soften the gelled parts, and then applied As I Am Naturally Coconut Co-Wash as my overnight DC. In the morning, I did the following:

Protein Treatment: Curl Junkie Repair Me (review coming)
Leave-in: As I Am Naturally Coconut Co-Wash (review coming) followed by Darcy's Botanicals Cream Curling Gel
Sealant: Qhemet Biologics Aethiopika Hydrate & Twist Butter

After all of this, I blew out my hair and went about my day. My hair feels extremely soft. It hasn't shrunken much. I make sure to use products without humectants whenever I blow my hair out.

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