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Protective Style: Kinky Twists

Happy New Year!!! Yes, I know I'm late with that, but since it's my first post of the new year, I might as well.

I've been wearing kinky twists for about week now, and apparently my commitment issues are so extreme they extend to my hair because I am ready to take these OUT! They still look fresh, and my scalp isn't itchy or anything. It's just that I miss being able to play in my hair. Try products. Change my style everyday. True, while I'm doing these things on a daily basis, I conversely wish I didn't have to do my hair at all. (I guess I'm also hard to please.)

This was my first time doing braids or twists with extensions. I watched Toni Daley's and AfrikanHairGod's (part 1 & part 2) Youtube videos to learn how to do the style. Here are a few things I learned while installing these-yes, install, because it definitely was a process.

1) Find a comfortable spot to braid/twist in for a lengthy amount of time. I tried to do mine while standin…