Influenster Palmolive Fresh Infusions VoxBox 2013

***Note: I received each product complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster.***

My sister's review: I tried the lemon thyme scent. Honestly, my sense of smell is not the strongest but to me this smelled like traditional dish-washing soap. It was not anything special. I also sniffed the lemon basil and again the same thing. Secondly, I did not use this soap in the traditional sense. I utilized it to wash my makeup brushes. It did a good job of loosening and removing various cosmetic products like cream foundation and gel liner from the brushes. This soap is also concentrated so I did not go through a lot of it (I go through soap in any form quickly). My hands also did not dry out and turn to prunes after cleaning brushes. Overall, it performed just as well as regular Palmolive. I think the major selling point was supposed to be the scent but again there isn't much difference here from the usual scent.

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